Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Country Road" daily oil painting

Country Road

6"x6" oil on masonite. Sometimes while painting plein air you are faced decisions to include or exclude things that may or may not work with what you are trying to capture. The utility poles are a part of today's landscape. Sometimes they work well in a painting and sometimes they work against a painting.

Painting Title and Date - $85


Elle said...

I feel it should most definitely stay. It's a very nice point of interest that brings you, as the viewer, into the painting. Very well done, really lovely as is.

wendy said...

Thanks for your comment at my blog. I think the pole could go. I think the painting would be just as successful without it. You nailed it with the shadows from the trees. Beautiful painting.

Heidi Malott said...

Thank you Elle!
Thank you Wendy! I appreciate the comments. I think I may leave the pole in this one. I have done other landscapes where I have moved or removed the utility poles. They definately are a part of our landscape whether we we want it or not.

Parapluie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. The telphone pole issue is one I have been wrestling with in my own paintings. Leaving them out I have focused on beautiful nature that I have not fully appreciated on our property. The reality of the advance of city comforts are manifest in these telephone poles and part of what I want to express. So if this were my painting I would leave the pole in because the pole is the subject I want to explore. You have expressed well the opposition of man's needs to the natural landscape. In other paintings I might leave the poles out as you have done. Thanks for posting this problem of what we face as artists painting from nature. We must select.

Heidi Malott said...

Thank you Diane!