Monday, February 12, 2007

painting A Winter's Morn painting a day

6"x6" oil on masonite.


René said...

You don't need Windows Vista, you creating your own "WOW" effects!

H Malott said...

That makes my day Rene'! Thank you!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Heidi,
Got a chance to browse through your blog. Your paintings emanate freshness and vitality as well as a sense of authenticity and vigor that only a true plein air artist as yourself can capture.
Wonderfully invigorating!

Parapluie said...

This lighting between the trees on the snow is difficult to capture. Well done.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll only be away for a week later this month.

H Malott said...

Thank you Jennifer!!

H Malott said...

Thank you Diane, Have a wonderful time!