Sunday, July 15, 2007

Garden Tool Shed Chicken Coop painting a day oil

6"x6" oil on primed masonite. This is our garden/tool/catch all shed that many, many years ago used to be a chicken coop. In front of it is my perrenial garden (which I love, because I dont have to do much with it other than weed once in awhile. I am all about low maintenance with gardening, even then it is quite a bit of work. I think my dog is part cat too! I had to keep shoo-ing her out of the garden, she was trying to catch the butterflies in there and she is not as light on her feet like a cat, she is 75 lbs. and the garden can't take her tromping through it. Happy Sunday! Oh, if you are interested in the flowers, read on: Sedum (not in bloom yet), rose yarrow (the taller one), some kind of yellow wild flower that spreads a little bit and palace purple (in front, my favorite, in full sun they turn different shades of burgundy, gold, amber and purple and their leaves are shaped like a maple leaf, in August they shoot up sprays of fl0wers that look like baby's breath.


Todd Bonita said...

hi there,
I've been enjoying your work for a while now and just wanted to say, great work! You really have the gift.

All my best,

Parapluie said...

Your work gives me a feeling of glowing happiness.I like how consistently you have daily paintings.

H Malott said...

Ah gee wilikerz :) Thank you so much Todd!

H Malott said...
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H Malott said...

Thak you Diane! Some dailys are the skin of my teeth :)