Thursday, July 12, 2007

House in Countryside Clouds Landscape painting a day

6"x6" oil on primed masonite. A breezy day in the country. This beautiful farmhouse had so many outbuildings. I would like to go back and paint it from many angles.


wanda knight said...

Love the sky. It looks like you had fun with this one.
May I link your blog to my list of Blog I Watch?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

OMG those clouds. You do such a beautiful job with scale and distance.
Thanks for commenting on my 'trespassing' adventure. I laughed at the remarks I got. But isn't it so true? You get caught up in the moment and, as an artist, I never feel like I'm actually intruding. Although, I once was told that I was, by some uptight NYC lawyer (my guess) when I was painting on the Cape ;)
It was my pleasure to answer, when he asked me, "can I help you?" in that tone that means, "who do you think you are trespassing on PRIVATE PROPERTY?", "no, I'm fine I'm just painting." Where upon he pointed out that I was TRESPASSING on PRIVATE PROPERTY!" and should leave.
What a jerk. I did leave but I didn't hurry ;)

H Malott said...

Thanks Wanda. I will do the same!

H Malott said...

Thanks Mary. Anyone that reads this should click on Mary's name and read her blog today, its a glimpse of the life of a plein air painter :)