Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grand Canyon Arizona Landscape daily oil painting

"Beyond the Rim"

A view through the pinyon pines and other desert scrub out into the canyon. Available for purchase, see details at the right.

6"x6" oil on primed masonite

Painting Title and Date - $85


ray said...

Seeing all the beauty out west makes you understand why the Indians fought so hard to try and keep the white man away. Thank God there is National Parks to preserve this beauty and wonderful artists to paint it. Lovely work Heidi.

Roxanne Steed said...

This series of little works of the 'west' are so have really caught the'feel' of this wide open territory & it's colors & atmosphere - makes me miss our travels when we lived out there! Truly beautiful.

Liza Hirst said...

This was the first painting that caught my eye on the DP gallery!
It has a lovely sense of space and as usual beautiful colours.

Typh said...

HI Heidi!
I follow much Rob Ijbema and you.
I must say that both you have one
technical immediate and genuine.
Compliments! :)

H Malott said...

Thanks Ray, yes, I agree.

H Malott said...

Thank you so much Roxanne. It has been a challenge making it work on such small pieces:)

H Malott said...

Wow! Thanks Liza!

H Malott said...

Nice to meet you Typh! Thank you very much! I really enjoy Rob's work also.