Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Labor Day" mules, grand canyon, cowboy hat, daily painting

This is a portion of an 11" x 14" piece. These cowboys were taking a team of mules and lots of camping gear down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. My family and I were hiking a part of the trails when this caravan approaced us.


Typh said...

It's a pleasure to see your paintings to natural greatness.
However I want to advise you. Someone can make some commerce
with the photos of your paintings, in how much printable.
I have not said anything!!! ;)
The touch and the freshness of the color are always of Heidi, the painter! :D

Roxanne Steed said...

Your southwest scenes just knock-me-out - they are so beautiful....whether big or small - they have a lot of wow-factor!

Karen Appleton said...

Hi Heidi,
Love your landscapes, they are beautiful! Thanks for introducing yourself, I am glad to have found your blog:)