Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Impressionist Horses Amish Farm Rainy Day oil painting a day

Not far from my home are some Amish communities. It is the next thing to time travel when I drive into these little towns. I met a friend in Grabill for some plein air painting. So peaceful, quiet and pure. When driving home after painting, I went by this field with these large horses huddled together. They looked like they were in football formation. It is football season! Anyway, I loved the gray, rainy atmoshpere and how it effected the landscape and these creatures. This painting is 6"X6" on primed masonite art board.


Roxanne Steed said...

beautiful representation of grey, rainy skies & effects on the surroundings- It looked like that here today...liked your painting better, tho!

ray said...

Yea footballs here again. And thank God for cooler fall weather. Love the horses Heidi.