Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Sky Clouds Landscape Oil Painting

"Summer Clouds" 6x6" oil on primed masonite.


PAT MEYER -- said...

Glad you are with us painting again. Your brush strokes are just wonderful in this painting. Good luck with the new little one.

Cecelia said...

You could always go to watercolors, pencil, pen, colored pencil, or something that won't be so bad. My daughter had me move all of my art things out of my house into a studio in the back yard, when she had her last little boy.
You could record your experience and feelings with your art. When I feel bad, if possible, I start drawing or writing something, if I'm awake enough. Kind of gets my mind off things, I guess-takes me to another place.
Hope you feel better quickly and that things go well for you, and the new baby.
Just wanted to let you know that there is the 19th World Wide Sketch Crawl tomorrow June 21. If you feel like doing a little sketching, even for a few minutes.
You can find out more at , and I have some info and a link on my blog.
I think it is such a neat idea to have everyone, all over the world, recording their surroundings through sketching or painting, or even journaling, all at one time.
They should have another one in about 3 months.
You don't have to go out anywhere, if you don't want to. Just record what is around you, for even a short time like 20 minutes. Some people will be working all day, others while traveling, or at home.
Just wanted to spread the word.

SC Shisler: said...

Wow Heidi! I had no idea you were even "with child"!!!!! You're very brave indeed. I'm glad you finally found a new home. There'll be alot of change for everyone over there, for sure. So make sure to take it as easy as you can - just don't forget about your passion. Warm and fuzzy wishes for your delivery!

artslice said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Love your paintings - I don't know how you've managed moving etc... while being pregnant!!

Hopefully, you can squeeze in some time to paint - you could switch to acrylics for a while... I did when I was pg. with my 2 kids - whatever works is good:) Here's to an easy delivery!


Roxanne Steed said...

Been wondering when "the bun is out of the oven"! I've really missed seeing your work, keep hanging in there, we'll all still be waiting to hear & see what's next! Cheers & happiness to you & your family!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have seen your blog. Very nice work. I paint also. You mentioned sticky paint. I have kids running around and moved my studio home after my second son was born. Because of stinky paint and solvents I changed my paint to graham and use that companies medium. All the products are walnut oil based. I clean up with cooking oil or mineral oil. I have a solvent free studio and no stinky smell in the house. Just a thought. Take care.

Anonymous said...
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