Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sheep Sunset Painting Autumn Impressionism Alla Prima Daily Art

Somedays painting can become too methodic. I started thinking how easy it is to forget what inspired me to paint something in the first place. Having very little time before the baby awoke from his nap, I picked up the brush and started painting from the "leftovers" on my palette. Pushing paint with only color and value in mind, I ended up with one of my favorite paintings. It was fresh and full of unmixed color. It is important to let our inspiration "drive" with our skills riding "shotgun". Painting everyday allows this experience to blossom.
This painting is 6"x6" oil on board.
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Candy Barr said...

Beautiful palette Heidi! Combined with pose of sheep moving so as to enrich us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Heidi Malott said...

Wow! Thank you Candy, that means a lot! I am a fan of your work:)