Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winner of this Painting Giveaway! ends 11/25/09

To get into the Christmas spirit, I want to give away this painting. It is a plein air landscape in the midwest. If you win, keep it or give it away for Christmas.

All you need to do is leave a comment below or email your entry to this question: "Who is your favorite artist?" (dead or alive)

Giveaway ends November 25th before 7:00 pm est. I will tally all the comments from that week and will pick the winner at random. I will announce the winner Wednesday the 25th or sometime during Turkey day, if things are hectic here. Have fun and good luck!
One entry per person, please. (Note: if you do not see your entry appear right away, please don’t enter a second time—your entry will appear shortly. Thank you.)
If you prefer to email an answer, I will count those also
This painting "Midwest Dawn" is 6"x6" oil on primed masonite artboard.

Time's up! We have a winner! I gave everyone a number as they entered and my kids helped me write numbers on paper, cut them out, fold them, put the numbers in a hat and my daughter pulled the lucky winner.

#91 - Jenna - "My favorite artist is my younger sister Leah. Her art is so beautiful and it makes me such a proud sister."


Congratulations Jenna! email me at with your address and I will send out your new painting.

This was sooo much fun! I am considering having another Giveaway soon. (perhaps before Christmas?)

Thank you all for entering and letting me know who your favorite artists are. I have really enjoyed reading your entries and have learned about some artists I haven't seen yet.


McGrogan said...

My favorite artist is ....Heidi Malott...

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite "famous" artist was Bob Ross. He made it look so easy and I know in my case made me feel I could do it if I wanted to. Local however, like McGrogan said, you.

Dan said...

I like Paul Gauguin's work a lot.

Similarly, but living, I've been following Wayne Forte for some time and like his work.

Great idea, Heidi.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I absolutely love your paintings. Each one captures a moment in real life for me. But I have to say that my favorite artist of renown is John Singer Sargent.

Thanks for this chance to one of your lovely paintings.

Anonymous said...

My favorite ALIVE artist:Shano (

My favorite DEAD artist: Van Gogh

adornedunicorn said...

Love your paintings-admire your discipline!

Anonymous said...

My favorite painter is Monet. I think it is because you can use your own imagination in interpreting his work. Thanks foropportunity and also for seeing your wonderful works!

Anonymous said...

My favorite painter would have to be my Great Grandmother, she passed away 4 years ago at age 102, her paintings were simliar in style to yours. Picking a famous painter it would have to be Klimt, I love his paintings they draw me in. i hope I win your painting, it is beautiful.

David Larson Evans said...

Today it's John Singer Sargent

Cindy Firestine said...

I have to say that I love to see what my son Taylor draws...when he does. He has a wonderful talent but doesn't enjoy it as much as he used to. So when I get one, it is rare and special. As for a famous artist, I guess I would say Thomas Kincade. His artwork is so beautiful and full of message.
Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your paintings, Heidi!

Beth Stone said...

I think my favorite artist has to be Vermeer... what a use of light! This is a beautiful painting!

Doug Bilby said...

there is an artist from Toronto that I love her work, just cannot remember her name at the moment. (have her business card). But a STRONG second has to be Heidi.

Unknown said...

I'd have to say Monet. I visited Giverney last spring and was again inspired by his work.
Suzanne Wilson

MadeInCanarias said...

My favorite artist is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I last year visited the Evan Lurie Gallery in Carmel, IN. (The art district) During this first of many visits I was introduced to the work of A. Daly Nally. His contemporary paintings are of bold colors and textures. I just fell in love with his work. Jonele Bilby (Doug's wife)

Lyra said...

What fun! Thank you for the lovely idea Heidi! As for painters of the past, singling out a favorite is impossible - different loves for different reasons. The same is true of living painters to an extent, but because their work is sometimes within my means I look at them with a different eye. The accessibility, the idea of being able to live with the painting, elicits a particular emotional response. Desire actually, now that I consider it.

As a person of limited means and frugal nature, the daily painters movement has allowed me to become an art patron rather than just an admirerer. The blogs and artist comments offer an opportunity to learn how the artist thinks and what moves them to paint, how they feel about the color and shapes they create. It builds a real connection between people. When I buy a painting, which isn’t nearly so often as I would like, I put the artist’s comments on the back, along with a photo or self portrait if the artist has used on their blog, and their bio. This ties me to the artist in a way, and archives the creation for posterity.

I rarely buy a painting until I have become familiar with the painter, and only when I find I love their body of work and their statements about them, rather than a just single painting. Also, the painting must strike a chord in my memory , an emotional resonance – I have to have “been there,” not the specific place in reality, but so similarly aligned in my own experience that the painting takes on a duality of meaning, mine and the artists.

All of which is to say I am a great admirerer of Heidi’s work. The difficulty often becomes how to choose if I can buy only one. The irony in this is that upon seeing this lovely give away painting, Midwest Dawn, I first thought That’s the One! I had finally made my choice on one of Heidi’s paintings – straight out of my childhood memory of the old family farm in Kansas. Alas, it is not for sale. None the less, by my act of writing about it, the winner of the painting will be connected to me as well as to Heidi, and that is what art is all about.

However, in all honesty, my favorite living painter is fellow daily painters member Sheila Vaughan of Cheshire, UK. Her work is very similar to Heidi’s but done on a little bit larger scale. I find her art consistently extraordinary, her palette well chosen and the insight she offers into the workings of her mind as she paints bespeaks a sincerity and artistic integrity that causes me to feel fond of her person as well as her art.

It’s this sense of connection that is meaningful to me, and why I am so grateful for this daily painting movement and the artist engaged with it that has brought art within my reach, put me in contact with such creative people and given me a community of many with similar passions. Thank you Heidi!

Donna Jordon said...

I have always loved the softness of Impressionism and Monet, but once I discovered the vibrant realism of JACK VETTRIANO, he became my favorite artist. His paintings evoke such passion, intrigue, and mystery as I try to imagine the story behind each. They are amazing. said...

My favorite artist, living or dead, is Eric Wallis.

Dan said...

Although I already entered, I was remiss in not mentioning Nathan Abels who grew up in Ft. Wayne. I've seen his work in his father's office and on his web sites... very interesting and very talented.

Kellie Brooks said...

Oooh. So many choices!
My favorite sculptor is Richard Serra.
My favorite painter s Ryan McGinness
My favorite printer is Hiroshige.
My favorite singer is Ani DiFranco.
My favorite dancer is Michael Jackson.
My favorite actor is Robert Downey, Jr.
My favorite musician is Wynton Marsalis.

So many ways for all of us to be creative!
Thank you.

jengquist said...

My favorite artist has to be Georgia O'Keefe because she is who first inspired me at all. It isn't even her flowers as much as her skulls that captured my imagination.

Ashley said...

I am a big Dali fan. I don't like surreal, but for some reason I like his work.

Unknown said...

My favorite is a living Cape Cod artist, her name is Ann Packard. Her work is beautifully quite and graceful.

Michelle said...

I don't know if this is super boring or not, but I love to colors of Claude Monet. Your painting is fabulous too! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Ann said...

My favorite artist is not someone famous, although, she is famous to me! Her name is Nancy Franke, she is 62, and has inspired me, as a beginner(a 40ish Mom and former interior Designer), to wake everyday at 5am and want to be in my studio painting. I recently took a workshop from Nancy and her enthusiasm, drive, and love of art was fabulous! No wonder her workshops are sold out thru 2011! People want what she has! She taught me three things that I have begin doing daily.....1) sketch for 5 min. 2) paint a small daily painting in 20 min. 3) study someone or something about art for 5-10 min a day. All those things, I can do, in my studio while my children are in school. I have seen remarkable improvement in my work. Nancy Franke is my favorite artist!
Ann Stovall
mobile 404.316.6336

Kristen said...

I have always loved Andy Warhol. Defintely my favorite!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

beautiful painting heidi, i've been enjoying your return to blogging. :)

i can't pick one, but lately these are my top five: Ingres, Heade, Mondrian (his landscapes), van Eyck, Modigliani

eric.ortiz said...

Heidi- how are you doing? My favorite artist is Jack Vettriano and your paintings have that same majestic style. Anyways, you still owe me for ripping my shirt in elementary school. Love the paintings. eric

Anonymous said...

Well of course it would be you silly goose, and your alive too and thats cool. However, when the kids were small we used to watch that guy on PBS in the morning and afternoon... he had a fro and he made painting look so easy. So, one day when the kids had the finger paints out, I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. Well, to no avail guess what? My masterpiece looked just like the kids paintings, and let me remind you they were about 3, 5, and 7 years old. My hat off to you and the fro guy, u guys rock what you do. I am so proud to have an amazing artist in my life. Thanks for the color you bring to our friendship. Sandy Trevino

Anonymous said...

hey heidi..i don't know how to comment on your blogspot, so i am just going to say that i love all the american impressionists.. i went to a show in portland ,maine of coastal works and fell in love with apicture by matilda browne. i visit your pictures every day now and recently bought one , so i might have to say that you are my current favorite! you are an american impressionist, are you not?

Anonymous said...

He had a passion in His Sacred Heart..a love and a longing for the companionship of His very essence. His finest creation..And a special place where this creation of His love could live in peace and happiness. A six day miracle that far exceeds the beauty and serenity that even the most passionate artist can faintly grasp...His hand motions nature into reality...each sunrise brings into view a constant change in color and hue that illuninates to us the love He has for each of us. My favorite artist is Alive and breathes beauty into each day and night as its serves as an inspiration to all those who strive to capture its magnificents on canvas.
Praise to you, my Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

my favorite artist is Jackson Pollock..for his movement

Heidi Malott said...

Please include your name in the comment if you use the anonymous entry, in case you are the winner

joanna said...


I guess I am just fickle -- I have so many favorites -- there are so many 'great' artists -- Monet, Michelangelo, Gauguin.... I am afraid my list is too long.
so to narrow it down to a contemporary few, I love your paintings--they brighten my day.
I actually posted your painting on my blog 'Autumn Landscape' because I just love it so much!
The Dowser's Daughter

Barb Matijevich said...

I know it's not very adventuresome, but I love Picasso. I love that through his long career, there are so many styles. Having said that, I love the landscape you painted to give away!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... sorry I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog... new to this whole thing. But I saw that one could send you an email instead. I love your painting and wanted to enter your contest.

My favorite visual artist is Andrew Wyeth.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


Elizabeth said...

My favorite artist.......hmmm......Monet perhaps?

Vittoria said...

my favorite artist is michelangelo. i'm an art history major recent graduate and hope to do some research on him in the future. i love that he mastered so many different media and hate that gets so little recognition for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Hi - just wanted to send my answer to be counted:

My favorite artist is without a doubt Kandinsky - of course, he comes after my daughter and son! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the impressionist painters. My favorite is Paul Gauguin. I love the way he captured the Tahitian women in their daily life. The colors and subjects are incredible! The most unforgettable day of my life was standing in front on his painting at the Musee d' Orsay in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi - I can't figure out how to comment on your blog - but my favorite artist... Uh... um... well my eldest son is named Calder so I sort of like Alexander Calder - but not really that much... I do like sculpture though and I really kind of like modern art... those huge canvasses with big blocks of color. When I was in the Louvre I never wanted to leave. I would still be there if I hadn't had my kids with me. I never knew that art like that existed. It was like a whole different dimension of art. You could really see why those pieces were in the Louvre. They were beyond description in beauty. I could have stood in front of each one for days. I don't know any of the painters by name though. It is something I would like to learn more about.

I like your art too. I always love rural themes in art. They are so timeless.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few of you daily painters whose work I'm drawn to every day: Heidi, Daniel Edmondson, Jeanne Illyene, Shelia Vaughn, and a couple of others not on the daily painters site: Connie Snipes and Barbara Pask. Favorite artists no longer with us might be Cassatt, Degas, and Manet. I am a fan of so many because my artistic skills are non-existent and I am amazed by your gifts and talents. The daily painters movement has been such a gift. Lyra's comments expression my feelings so well.
Just Lorry (no blog just a fan)

Anonymous said...

Favorite painter - Van Gogh


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is Norman Rockwell....his works give me a warm cozy comfortable feeling.


Anonymous said...

My grandfather was a painter and the most special painting I have is the one he did of the village we lived in - he did it the month I was born and it hangs in my bedroom.

Famous painter - Vermeer.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS painting!!! my favorite artist is definitely DALI, so mind-blowing. peace Adrienne

Dorothy at Belle of the Kitchen said...

My favorite artist is a Montgomery, Alabama artist, Clark Walker.

Anonymous said...

My answer: Nancy Noel, based in my hometown of Indianapolis. :)

Anonymous said...

I would say that Norman Rockwell was one of my favorite artists. I had his paintings in my room as a child and have loved him ever since.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi, I could not for the life of me figure out how to post my comment on your blog. :) I love so many artists, but I'd have to say that my favorite it Jack Warden. He is a self-taught, plein air painter here in my area. He is a wonderfully gifted artist and the father of a dear friend. I took my first and only painting class from him and have always admired him as both a person and an artist. Here's a link to some of his work in case you are interested. http:// Your work is beautiful. I'm so happy to have come across you on the blog site! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jean

Anonymous said...

My fave artist is a wonderful story of a starving artist finding success! In college my friend, Steve Penley, used my car, and lived the typical starving artist profile. Did what he loved while his dad wondered when he would get a "real job". Well, thanks to good contacts and luck...he now is quite a success! Coffee table books and more!! Makes me giggle, but makes me proud! Thanks for the chance at your painting .....great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi, I want to enter the contest for your beautiful painting giveaway on blogspot! In answer to your question, my favorite artist is my friend Jen Dance (she gets bonus points because I actually know her... and have her paintings hanging in my house!) I'm hoping she paints my nursery before I welcome my first baby this February. Anyway, thanks for the contest! Kristine

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this contest.
My favorite artist is Gustav Klimt. (And also my daughter, of course!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this contest...your work is beautiful!

My favorite artist is Van Gogh...his Bedroom in Arles painting is the first painting I became attached to as a child. And now I have it hanging in my babies' nursery!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

First I wanted to say that I'm in awe of your painting, it reminds me of my home in these early mornings as I am midwestern. So thank you, thank you. As for my favorite artist... who could choose with such different inspirations out there. Today, however, Vermeer... for a renouned artist and Elizabeth Clayton and Becca Erbe locally. Amanda

Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is Paul Cezanne. I went to see a special exhibit of his work when I was 14 and it was almost a spiritual experience for me. He was a reference point for me as I went through art school and I frequently used his work as examples when I was teaching art to primary students.


Unknown said...

My favorite artist is my husband..he paints what he loves and even though he isn't very good his paintings make me very happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for entering me in your contest. My favorite artist is Vermeer; there’s always something new to see in a painting and they aren’t large. Your art is lovely. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, thanks for having a giveaway.

A single artist is a very hard decision. Today I am influenced by your painting and would have to say, Monet.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artists are Monet and Heidi Malott.

I would absolutely love to win your painting!! I’m from a small town in Iowa, and your painting reminds me of the landscape where I used to ice skate during the winter months. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I would be so lucky to win this painting. Thank you for this great opportunity.


Emily said...

Degas or Monet... Both were wonderful!

Here's a fun joke:
Q. Why couldn't Monet, Degas & Van Gogh get their vehicle to run?
A. They didn't have enough Monet (money) to buy Degas (the gas) to get the VanGogh (van to go)! :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Emily said...

Oh P.S. I forgot! Enter me in please, I love your artwork. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the painting! Great job.

My favorite artist is Monet.

Please enter me in the drawing. I have the perfect place to hang this beautiful piece.


Anonymous said...

Bradley Shoemaker Sent from my iPhone

Sarah Minnis said...

thanks for the giveaway, I love Trisha Romance

Anonymous said...

Hello, Love Pioneer Woman and visited your site from a comment you made. Nice to see your paintings. To answer your question, not sure if I have a forever favorite artist. But for the longest time I have loved the work of American artist George Tooker. Hope I win! :} Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Warm regards,Eileen

Caitlin Reed said...

My favorite artist is Richard Diebenkorn.

Anonymous said...

Heidi -- your painting is beautiful and I would like to enter.

My favorite artist is Gelakosa -- he used to be a "regular" at The Cherry Creek Arts Festival every summer here in Denver.

Thank you so much. I look forward to following your art!


Meg said...

I don't know how to actually name a favorite artist. I love to travel and find that my favorite artists often become people I meet on the street trying to sell pictures of the world they live in. Most of what's hanging on my walls was acquired that way, so I often don't know who painted it. My absolute favorite was an elderly woman I met in Havana who had gorgeously depicted a cathedral there. Sorry, I have no name for her....

wideopenspaces said...

wow - this is gorgeous Heidi, and so generous.

It would be hard for me to choose just one...but I think I'll go with Andrew Wyeth.

Anonymous said...

My favorite artist, who is alive, is Charlotte Brenner. Charlotte is an artist who donates all of her proceeds to cancer research. I support her cause by buying her art, and she is an amazing person.

Your art is similar in style to Charlotte's art, very peacful landscapes.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is Kandinsky. fingers crossed! Alinka

Anonymous said...

My favorite living artist is Melissa Robinson and her small whimsical paintings. Her simple paintings have inspired me so many times. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Anonymous said...


I like your paintings a lot. I would say my favorite artist is Albert Bierstadt. I love, love landscape paintings, and his paintings are classics. The way he always has a shining ray of light that just beams through the painting is amazing. And I love the untouched aspect of the nature scenes he painted.

I hope I win your painting!


Anonymous said...

I have several favorite artists, for different reasons. Norman Rockwell was most preeminent in my childhood, and every time I see one of his paintings, I think of my dad. NR is hearty, healthy and a little silly, which is the kind of person I want to be.

I also like Jan Vermeer, because his paintings look real, set in real life. Like getting a glimpse into the private daily goings on of otherwise unknown people.


Heidi Malott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I really love the painting you are giving away. My husband and I are small time collectors (meaning we cant afford as much as we want!!!!) Your painting would look great in our living room.

As far as favorite painters, I agree with Gordon (one of your posters) about Bob Ross. I watched his show over and over again on PBS. He did really make it look easy!!!!

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Your painting is lovely! My favorite artist is my father. He just started painting a few years ago at age 68 and he's quite talented. It has been such a wonderful surprise for our family. Happy holidays, Molly

Anonymous said...

Your painting is just beautiful!

My favorite artists are my children. I love the way that they look at the world, and interpret it. My oldest just turned 9, and I see so much in the way that he draws or paints. I can see how much he is an optimist, and sees the world as his own. In my 2 year-old I can see how a squiggle is her kitty cat that she loves so much. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and I love every single drawing or painting or clay creation that they make.

I wanted to post on your blog, but couldn't get my post to take.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!


Anonymous said...

I tried to comment, but Blogger is playing games again!

I'd love the chance to enter your beautiful painting giveaway.

My favourite artist is Mucha...and then Klimt.


Anonymous said...

While I absolutely LOVE your paintings, I have to say that my grandmother is my favorite artist. She passed away almost 20 years ago but I still cherish every work of art she ever created. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Devon

Anonymous said...


One of my favorite artist is Carylon Killebrew. You both have very similar styles. She is from Chattanooga, TN.

Two years ago, Carylon painted a portrait of my dog, Littlebit, which I gave myself for Christmas. That following Mother's Day, my dog passed away. I cherish my portrait even more now.

Check out Carylon's work at

You can see the painting of my dog she did on my blog,

If I were to win the painting I would love to give it to one of my dog loving customers.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the e-mail option to your giveaway. The painting is gorgeous! Were I not a huge fan of Real Simple Magazine, I would not have found you.

My father was an active watercolor artist, though he painted in oil also. Your painting reminds me of his work, particularly the colors and in that he spent most time painting outdoors. He passed away on May 1.

Keep painting!


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is M.C. Escher. His work makes me think and I enjoy using it with my fourth graders when we discuss the use of mathematics in art.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is Salvado Dali!


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi,

After my children, I'm afraid that I don't actually have a favorite artist. My Step-father's brother-in-law, Scott Duncan, has painted a few that I truly love. I also bought a small painting from an artist in Central Park, NYC once that I love. But I don't know who it was. I guess I like what I lilke and it is not so much who painted it.

Thanks for the opportunity,


Anonymous said...

Is Dale Chihuly. Love your work! Thanks for the entry!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

This is my answer to your question on "Who is your favorite artist?"

My favorite artist is Mamani Mamani. He paints beautiful, inspired, powerful and colorful paintings. They really brighten up a room.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks so much for entering me in your contest! Love your paintings - my favorite artist is John Singleton Copley, love the portraits :)

Thanks again!
Motley Made

Anonymous said...


I want to enter your painting giveaway. I love your work and hope to win.

To answer your question, my favorite artist is my toddler, C. Her art moves me in ways that no other artist can. Each little crayon scribble, swab of paint and pasted on multi-media is a masterpiece that earns a place on our wall of fame (the fridge). Each day her art becomes more exact and less erratic, it's so much fun to see her grow not only in inches but also in creativity and skill.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is my younger sister Leah. Her art is so beautiful and it makes me such a proud sister.


Anonymous said...

I love, true, honest-to-goodness folk art. I also love the quilts from the women of Gee's Bend, Andrew Wyeth's paintings, and the simplicity of Shaker style.


Anonymous said...

How generous of you to give away one of your beautiful works of art.
My favorite artist is Freida Khalo not just because of her artwork but because of the exciting and colorful way she lived her life. I find inspiration in her tenacity and her story.
Thank You


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist is gaudi!
it takes so much time and patience to create mosaics

Anonymous said...

I wanted to enter the contest to win your *lovely* painting, but couldn't get blogger to let me post a comment. My favorite artist is Picasso. So generic, but I love him!


Anonymous said...

Your question, "Who is your favorite artist?" is a very difficult
question to answer. A lot of my paintings are from family members,
friends, student art leagues, flea markets, etc. That said, I'd have
to say my favorite artist is my Great Aunt Ruth. She painted all her
life and I have many of her landscapes all over my home. Your Midwest
Dawn is very reminiscent of her work and so I responded to it as I do
to hers. It is beautiful. I will definitely be checking out your
site and the rest of your work. Thanks for the beauty and the
generous gift to some very lucky person.

All the best,


Anonymous said...


There are sooooo many wonderful painters that it is very difficult to choose. I am very fond of the Daily Painters and obviously you are on my list as I have two of your paintings. I love figurative work so I have to mention my love of Mary Cassatt's paintings. The children she has painted really speak to me and I can put myself into the paintings of children with mothers. I have some spectacular landscape paintings from local artists and since I am a Midwesterner your giveaway landscape would fit right into my collection.

Thank you for the opportunity to register for your giveaway.


Anonymous said...


My computer wouldn't let me post a comment, so here's my email! My favorite artists are my friends.. I have several who paint or photograph, and I love to adorn my apartment with their work! I checked out your gallery, and your work is incredible. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artist would have to be Frank Lloyd Wright. Although not technically a painter, etc. I consider his designs works of art!

Anonymous said...

My two daughters tie for the top spot. I always like what they do! :)

Oh, and I always find that degas makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

My favorite artists are my children and Heidi Malott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

I love Impressionist artwork and would have to say that my favorite Impressionist artist would be Claude Monet. I know that he is one of the most well known, and many people would pick him perhaps because of name recognition alone. But, I love his work and never tire of looking at his paintings...and the many prints available of them as well.

However, I would have to say that I also love Degas. He was able to capture motion so beautifully and, like Monet, used light well.


Liza Hirst said...

Hi Heidi,

What a great idea!
My favourite artist is Richard Diebenkorn. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this painting of yours as I am also a big fan of Heidi Malott!!

hubert said...

My favorite artists is Fernando Botero. Have a nice Thanksgiving day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

Mary Ann Wakeley is my favourite artist. I would describe her as an abstract colourist.

Thanks and best regards!


Anonymous said...

This may sound cliche since I just purchased one of your paintings, but right now you are. The countryside has always been a personal sanctuary for me, and it is close to my boyfriend's heart as well. It was unbelievably hard to choose between your paintings for my Christmas gift to him. The cattle farm he owns with his sister and brother is the thing he holds dearest in life. Your Sunrise Farm Fields painting is so breathtaking, I know it will remind him of fond memories of early mornings in Bath County, Virginia every time he sees it. One of the runners up was the very painting you are giving away and I was crushed when I figured out it isn't for sale. Keeping my fingers crossed - he has a birthday soon after Christmas and with each of your paintings being unique and different his walls could easily become filled with works by Heidi Malott! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for helping me find the perfect gift.


Anonymous said...

…what a gorgeous painting! I love the post by someone who listed favorite artists of many mediums…fun! Anyway, my favorite artist (though published only at home!) is my Mom—she worked with oils and watercolors.

As for a famous artist, I will choose Ansel Adams. Being a photographer myself, I feel he epitomizes the medium!

Thanks for your giveaway!


Virginia said...

What a great idea!

My favorite artist right now is Fred Tomaselli. I saw a large piece of his in the Whitney Museum in NY a few years ago and just fell in love with his style and method. Francis Bacon is also near the top of my list lately as I saw the retrospective at the Metropolitan in NY this past summer.

Hope your holidays are good and hope that I win the painting! I purchased another of your paintings that I purchased a few years ago and it is beautifully framed and in the most perfect place in my home.



Teal said...

Beautiful! Looks so much like the place where I most like to ride my horses.

My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, something intriguing about self portraits.

Happy Thanksgiving!