Thursday, December 17, 2009

Indiana Fields Contemporary Impressionism Landscape Painting

"Soybean Fields"
6"x6" oil on panel.

Once in a while I will have a day where I spend more time trying to figure out what I want to paint than I actually spend time painting. I think this happens if I get in a rut. This explains why somedays I will paint cow after cow and then all of a sudden I throw in a beach scene or some other subject matter. Most days I just start painting shortly after I enter the studio. Otherwise, I would have a whole lot of nothing! I have had a few people ask me how do I find time to paint everyday. I recently responded in one of my posts: "I don't know. I wish I could paint more :) but I am grateful when I do. Somedays the laundry piles up and the dust bunnies unite. I heard a saying once, "the less time you have, the more you get done" I find this very true.

Painting Title and Date - $85

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