Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rural Landscape Contemporary Oil Painting Red Barn

"Bales of Hay"

6"x6" oil on primed art panel

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Price: $105 USD


Winnipeg Boy said...

Nice Painting!

Heidi Malott said...

Thank you "Winnipeg Boy" !

Boo's Mom said...

I miss you Ms. Heidi. But, I sort of don't miss being tempted by paintings I want to buy that don't fit in my budget! I hope all is well. Melissa who is loving my Taco Stand...and the others.

Heidi Malott said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you! I miss painting too. I have just let myself get too busy and a little uninspired with the end of the schoolyear and the start of nicer weather. I hope to start painting again soon. It has been too long!

Have a great week!

painting composition said...

The barn as well as the landscape and background is great!