Sunday, February 12, 2012

Autumn Impressionism Sunset Landscape Oil Painting Art

"Autumn Song"
6x6" oil on primed masonite

I have always been drawn to the "bare bones" of an artist's paintings.  Standing up close to the painting in a museum and looking at the great impressionist's brushstrokes.  Then stepping back and seeing how all the brushstrokes come together to form one piece.  The process of the painting itself is so exciting to me.  Everyone has different tastes and that is what makes art so wonderful.  There is something for everyone.  I love the layers of building up a painting.  The thin washes, the sketching, pushing paint around whether you squish it, push it or carefully lay in the paint as if you were frosting a cake.  Every bit of it is joy!

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massud.aslani مسعود اصلانی said...

wow! feels good i am a painter too u see i am a new blog painter so soon i 'll put some of my landscapes paintings too I'll be glad if u go and check mine too u

Portrait Painting said...

Love the colors and I so agree on custom work.