Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Cottages Oceanview at Sunset Daily Oil Painting

"Beach Cottage Getaway"
6x6" oil on gesso board

These colorful, quaint little cottages are almost extinct.  Most have given way to the high rise.  Lot more money to be made that way.  These 50's reminiscent structures take you back in time.  Here the sun was setting on the palm tree lined strip behind the cottages.  You almost had to squint to see them.  However their silhouette of "muted" color was awesome. 

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Price: $105 USD


Jenny N said...

I love this. You are a master of color and light! I work in acrylics, and am going to consider this size. Thanks for posting (and painting) again!

Heidi Malott said...

Hi Jenny! You made my day! Thank you. Definitely give this size a try. They are much less intimidating than larger pieces. Also very satisfying to finish a painting in a lot less time. Take Care!