Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rooster Chicken Paintings Contemporary Daily Art Heidi Malott

"Mr. Wiggins"


6x6" oil on gesso art panel

Some days I get overwhelmed, usually by things outside of painting.  When this happens I have to ride it out.  One thing that helps is to hit the "reset" button.  Go back to my familiar and one of those things is painting roosters or chickens.  Ha!  So when you see these little guys that is usually what this means.  I just reread the other day something from one of my all time favorite painters (Kevin Macpherson)  basically he says:  You may find that you paint boldly some days and other days delicately this is a good thing and it keeps your process from becoming a formula.  Hopefully this feisty guy will get me back in the groove. 

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