Monday, November 10, 2014

Holy Family Portrait Contemporary Impressionism Heidi Malott

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"Holy Family"
6x6" oil on gesso primed masonite

Some of you may have seen this image floating around out there somewhere.  I painted a similar one years ago and have had more requests than I can count of using an image or purchasing the original.  Once I create a painting, I move on and really don't have the desire to paint it again.  This one is the exception.  The Christmas season is fast approaching and I will most likely be too busy to paint many of these.  Right now I have two, dry and sitting on my desk.  They are not reproductions, they are still original oil paintings and as you can see if you look back at a couple others that I have posted over the years they are similar but still vary in brushstroke and color.  I really cannot describe the feelings I had when I first did a painting of the Holy Family.  I was drawn to do it and glad I did.  I am very ready to embrace this wonderful time of year.  Contact me if you would like to purchase a 1 Season rights to print this picture on your Church bulletin or program during Christmas. 

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