Thursday, February 05, 2015

Color Study Green at Dawn Landscape Oil Painting

"Green at Dawn"

6x6" oil on masonite

The many shades of green.  I will never forget the first time I painted outside in a park.  All that green!  I was so overwhelmed.  I thought to myself, how will I ever make this work.  This is why painting on location is so important.  You must really LOOK at what you see.  Don't let your brain tell you what you think you see.  Logging hours of painting outside will help those paintings that you do in the studio also.  Although nothing is more satisfying as painting en plein air.  

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Sue Marrazzo said...


René PleinAir said...

Agreed, but then again exaggerate some colours which you KNOW they work (cool <-> warm) does help a lot.

Nice happy tree Heidi :-)

Linda said...

Gorgeous, Heidi! You are very talented. :)