Thursday, June 11, 2015

Amusement and Water Park Boardwalk Indiana Beach Original Oil Painting

Summer Memories
6x6 inch
oil/primed art board

Summer is here.  The kids are on school break.  I set up two easels on my back screen porch.  One for me and one for whichever one of the kids wants to join me.  My goal is to paint at least a few hours a week this short break without cutting into family time.  I figure I have a better chance of squeezing in more time if my painting area is more accessible.  Yesterday I was joined by my six year old who did a great drawing of a race track.  I completed this one from a recent trip to a nearby amusement part.  This nostalgic park opened in 1926.  It is no rival to the larger parks today, however, it is full of charm and offers a fairly good range of fun from thrilling to entertaining.  I hope this park continues to improve and maintain what it has to offer.

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