Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Cows Grazing in Clusters Farm Life Original Oil Painting

oil on panel 

The cows were like dots on the field.  I tried to keep their shapes simplified.  I liked how the dappled sunlight through the clouds highlighted their lovely hides.  The greens in the field are a much brighter yellow green than they appear on my laptop.  The colors look right on my cell phone.  To get a good digital image can drive one nuts since this blog is viewed in different ways.  My laptop is old and outdated so hopefully you are seeing a truer version on your electronics.

If you haven't noticed, I added the year 2009 to my Gallery Sale.  Now there are many more paintings available for a special price of $85.  This price includes postage in the U.S.  purchase informaton can be found at the right side of this blog.

Email me if you  have any questions. 


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