Monday, May 30, 2016

Saturday Evening Sunset Driving Landscape Original Art Impressionism

"Saturday Evening"
oil on panel 

Cell phones really are a helpful tool.  You never no when inspiration will strike.  My husband and I were at a local home improvement store picking up a new sprinkler for my garden.  When we left for home there was an amazing sunset unfolding.  I was literally taking pictures from the moving  car as we were leaving  the highway from the exit ramp.   

I really didn't think I would get any painting done over the weekend but my kids were all off in different directions and my husband put a new mulching blade on the mower and wanted to try it on the front lawn.  So I ran up to my studio, which used to be a spare bedroom, and grabbed some paint brushes.  Knowing I didn't have much time and may not finish but at least I would get one started for the work week.  Well, I could go on and on, but I will speed this up, the kids brought pizza home for dinner, so I cleaned up and decided I would finish this painting Tuesday after the 3 day weekend.  When I got up this morning I decided I liked the painting just how it is and didn't want to risk over working it.  Besides the inspiration was but a fleeting moment and conveying that in the brush strokes is all a part of the process that I wouldn't want to destroy.  Forgive me if you read this far and are bored I normally don't write that much on my posts.  

Have a great week!
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