Saturday, July 02, 2016

Just Drive Summer Nights Daily Oil Painting

"Just Drive"
oil on panel

That's right, sometimes you just have to get in your car and drive.  The colors of the road and landscape in the twilight and headlights was so cool!  This painting is "related" to my last two posts.

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Sharon Schock said...

Your last three paintings are just gorgeous, this one especially, love love love.

I noticed in your bio that you have 4 kids, so tell me, one mom to another, WHEN do you paint??? we had our second 7 months ago, we also have a (barely) 3 year old, and I am struggling to find time to even wash my hair once a week! (gross, I know). I was still managing to paint some when we just had the one, but when the second came..... this is the first time I've even sat at my computer in months. Any quick tips would be so appreciated!