Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Open Air Farmer's Market 8x8" Contemporary Impressionism Heidi Malott

Fresh Produce
oil on canvas panel


Ok, photographing wet paint on canvas is harsh as you can see.  I am happy to say this painting looks much better in person.  I am enjoying painting on the larger panels but I will have to order more soon.  This one is a bit different from my usual.  As you can see I let a lot of the underlying sketch which is quite dark show in the painting.  This gives a bold contrast, but please note, I never use the color black straight from a tube, way too harsh and nothing in nature is that dark.  Please do not buy a tube of black paint, mix your own, it will be richer and not too dark.  I mix cadmium orange with French ultramarine blue at varying strengths for brown all the way to my darkest darks :)

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