Friday, September 08, 2017

Hercules the Goldfish Interior Contemporary Impressionism

Hercules the Goldfish
oil on panel

Every time I sit on my couch this is my view.  I have wanted to paint it so many times.  Well, I finally have.  This little fella is the friendliest fish we have ever had.  He really has happy a personality.   Whenever you approach he comes to greet you.  He swims round and round, I swear when Sunday football is on tv he seems especially active!  I know this all sounds crazy, but Hercules was a prize at a local street fair and when my daughter brought him home I groaned.  But this little goldfish lived with us for almost 4 years!  

My son came home with a new goldfish the very same way.  I was kind of excited...but Nigel is very different.  Very skittish, hides all day and doesn't swim around much... 

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