Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sunflower Field Painting Original Artwork Midwest Artist

"Sunflower House"  oil
8x8" stretched canvas


So if you read my other sunflower post, my husband and I just happened across this beautiful field of sunflowers this week.  While taking a zillion pictures I noticed a "house for sale" sign on the corner.  I looked down the lane along the field and then back at my husband and said we have got to check this out!  We are not house hunting but this was intriguing.  We drove down the long winding lane that went into the woods, the anticipation  was killing me.  We finally approached a sunny opening to a newer, very large home with a wrap around porch.  We Googled it and found it sits on 20 acres!  How lovely.  Out of our price range:) but so fun to think about the sunflower house in the woods.  A girl can dream cant she?!

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