Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beach Art Original Oil Daily Painting Heidi Malott

One More Day at the Beach
oil on panel 2018
6x6 inch

After a week of Fall like weather we are back into higher temps this weekend.  I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.

A girl and her cell phone.  Seems we humans have a permanent attachment of a cell phone, at least most of us.  Including myself.  When smartphones first came out I wasn't interested.  My family tried for years to get me to try one out instead of my flip phone.  Texting my kids took forever.  Then finally one day years ago, I finally broke down and got one.  I am hooked, there is no turning back now.  They are a blessing and a curse.  I love that I keep in touch with my young adult children more often with a quick text here and there.  The camera and music apps are always used.  Even downloading art for my blog and corresponding with you, all done on my little computer with a phone!  #outofthedarkages

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