Monday, September 10, 2018

September Landscape Autumn Color Original Artwork Heidi Malott

Things are Changing
oil on panel 2018
6x6 inch 

Things are Changing.  September.  You can hear the leaves rustling now.  I feel so fortunate to have a great horned owl living outside our bedroom window.  There is something about that low pitch "whooo" that penetrates the woods.  Looking forward to a calmer week. 

On a personal note:  My husband had back surgery last Friday and is doing well. Some of you may remember, about a year ago he was about to have surgery but started healing after physical therapy and nerve blocks.  This is another area of his back.  About 2 weeks ago he was rear ended by a hit and run driver.  Not sure if it made it worse but it didn't help.  Grateful for modern medicine and that he is able to take the time off he needs to heal.  He is a workaholic so wish me luck :D.  He doesn't sit still well.

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