Sunday, October 27, 2019

Autumn Landscape Painting Original Fall Art Heidi Malott


Brisk Hues 
6x8 inch 
oil on panel 

I will never forget learning a valuable lesson for painting I do and for viewing paintings.   Someting you may find interesting...

Painting the amazing colors of Autumn can be overwhelming and very easy to over do it with too much emphasis everywhere in the painting.

You want to let all that glorious fall color sing, but in real life the human eye can only focus on one portion of the scene at a time.  Rather than overwhelming the viewer you must make the experience of viewing a painting more enjoyable.   Gently lead the viewer through the painting.   Finding vivid highlights and then falling on muted tones and open areas where the eye can rest and then continue to explore the paintings highs and lows. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience.  You are then able to show the viewer what may have inspired you to paint this in the first place.

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