Monday, December 30, 2019

Contemporary Impressionism Landscape Original Art Heidi Malott

Countryside Walk
oil on panel 
6x6 inch 

One if my favorites from 2019.  Just last August.  Now on Sale during my Studio Special. 

I remembered to take a few more pictures of my progress of this painting.   Although you can see where I got lost in concentration and forgot to take a picture till the end :D

Twilight is one of my most favorite times to oaint.  The colors are soft and saturated.  Yummy!

*Studio Special continues*

25% off all paintings.  Any size old and new.  Most paintings are 6x6 inch and start at sale price of $75.  DM me for a PayPal invoice OR if you purchase from my site I will reimburse your savings.

Original Painting Sale Price $75

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